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[So, Peach thought long and hard just how she could help the denizens of Luceti.

And what better way to help than to listen to people's problems and try to help them out?

So, the following video feed takes place.]

Good day fellow Lucetians. Even if it's a little bit delayed, I hope New Year was good for all of you.

That said, I'm here to give you all a message.

I see a lot of broadcasts in here where people ask for advice on many things, specially when something in their lives isn't going exactly as planned. So I'll be lending my ear to your problems.

I'll be willing to listen to anything that's currently bothering, no matter what, and you can trust me not to tell a soul about it. To put it simple, I'm willing to be a part-time counselor to all of you. [She chuckles. She never really done anything like that, but she likes helping others, so...]

So, if anything is getting you down or if you are in a fix, just contact me and I'll do my best to advise you the best way I can!

[She smiles and waves, before ending the feed.]

(( ooc: So, now Peach has a counseling hot line' to help you all with whatever problem you have, specially if they are of personal nature, like relationship issues or emotional distress. Think of her as the 'crying shoulder' of Luceti. If you have a problem, she'll be ready to lend you a hand and make you cookies and tea to make it all better =3c ))
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Day 1: Quit your job. Who needs that crap? [Voice]

[Peach? Making a voice post? UNCONCEIVABLE! But, yep. apparently she's doing one. And the message she sends is not a good one.]

Most of you, citizens of Luceti, might not be aware that I'm a princess back in my homeland.

Still, I am.

But after years of working for my people, I now decided that I hereby renounce my title as the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom. When i go back to my homeworld, I'll leave the throne and let someone else take my place.

And you want to know why?

I'm tired. Of doing things. For others. And I had it with being the aim of kidnappings just because I'm of royal order! TO HELL WITH IT! [And here's where the feed ends. Don't worry though. Peach's hostility will only last one day and by tomorrow she'll regret ever saying she renounces her beloved throne.]

Day 2: You will come up with a great name for your genitals. [Text]

Cur for safety! )

Days 3-5: Your next Career: Foxy Boxer [Action]

[Now... since when Peach knows about the art of boxing?

Apparently, for a long time, because she can be seen at the Luceti gym, punching a bag while wearing a rather... peculiar outfit. And she looks rather strong too.

Care to approach her? If you do, she'll be all sorts of sassy and foxy though (aka completely OOC).]

Day 6: It's probably just a big freckle. No worries. [Voice]

[Another voice post? That might be a record. Either way, Peach's tone of voice is quite... desperate as she talks. Apparently she's back to her old, normal self, but something is bothering her greatly.]

Guys... there's this mole... in my face. I don't know where it came from, but it wasn't here yesterday. I... just hope it isn't anything... too bad. [Aside from the fact that it's ruining her flawless complexion.]
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[And so Peach is back and... discovers that Lucy is gone.

And this get her in a thinking mood, and that makes her think back to that conversation she had with Oswald about the Star Spirits.

So, while at it, she starts a new video feed.]

I was thinking, back in my homeworld, we can rely on the power of stars to grant wishes. I was wandering if anyone here had anything similar back home.

... Oh, and by the way, I'm sorry if I worried anyone by not keeping in contact. It... won't happen again. [She smiles a little and then cuts the feed.]
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[So, Peach certainly got... trailed off that week.

Not really her fault. Luceti was a new place and she had to explore it to know her surroundings.

All the while, she remembered what she promised to certain people and, well, let's just say she isn't going to be able to fulfil one of those promises.]

Hmm... seems like miss Ruto isn't around anymore. That's quite a shame. I... promised her I would do this thing for her... [She trails off for a second before shaking her head.]

Well, I suppose it's better this way. After all, when people disappear from here, that means they go back home, right? She's probably better there then. [She looks a little bit disappointed as she looks at something off-screen, but then manages to put a smile on her face.]

Anh, anyway. I was wondering if anyone wants to eat with me? I've got the urge to cook lately and it would be nice to have some company. It's kind of sad eating all alone.

Oh, and Kazooie, I got to learn how to make millet! You can come over anytime to get it!
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[So, Peach finally got to discover that journal wasn't lost by someone. It was hers.

After some poking around she discovered how to use it properly. So, after getting some new clothes (because, really, as nice as that white dress was, it wasn't 'her', so to say) she decides to make a broadcast to introduce herself to everyone.

She appears on screen, still no crown, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders and she's wearing a dress similar to this one.]

Good day to everyone. My name is Peach. [She decides not to mention the Princess part because... well, it's not really important in the end.]

I've arrived here some days ago and, even though it's hard to believe such a thing happened to me, I guess it's no use trying to deny it.

What got me worried is that I was told people here are forced to fight in a war that isn't even theirs! That's just cruel and unkind, and I just can't believe someone could be so... so...

[She stops with a sigh, looking quite bummed.] But apparently there's nothing we can do about it... It's really frustrating to say the least.

Well, either way, if anyone needs anything, I'm always willing to help. [She manages to smile.] If anyone needs to talk about anything, I'm here to listen.

[She nods slightly and cuts the feed.]
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[Well, now THAT was a nice... nap, for the lack of a better word.

Peach wakes up, rubbing her eyes. She instantly feels that something's wrong: she has no gloves on.

OK, no panic now. Maybe she just took them off before falling asleep.


WHERE IS HER PINK ROYAL GOWN? Sure, this white soft dress is kind of cute but she certainly doesn't remember changing clothes when getting to the Overthere!

OK, so no gloves, no shoes, different clothes and... There are no clouds around her. There are many, many trees, but not a single cloud. So, it's pretty clear she isn't on the Overthere anymore. Maybe eating that golden apple wasn't the smartest thing to do...

She gets up, but not before noticing a kind of journal lying by her side.]

... What's that? [She says, picking it up.] Maybe someone lost it? If so, better hold on to it. [She says, putting the small book under her arm.]



Where am I? [She murmurs, giving a few steps forward. Then she notices a small sting on her back.] Hm? What is... AH! [And looks back and see the tip of one of her wings.

Maybe... she's really dead for good now? After all, that's what Dimentio did. He killed her and the others. So, maybe it was only natural that she became an angel or something around those lines. Still, it was quite scary and confusing, no matter now lush and gorgeous were the woods around her.]

This is... troublesome. [Peach says with a sigh, before walking. Maybe she can find someone to make things a little bit less wacky.]
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[OOC post ahead]

Layout for this post was copied from [ profile] lolspiritfinger. Peach will certainly try and befriend EVERYONE. I doubt you'll ever get a black heart with her. Or a red heart, since she's in love with Mario.

Important note: This table will be updated constantly as the time passes. I'll add the 'most significant' relationships first and add the minor ones as the time passes.

: She actually doesn't care about you // SHE HATES YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!
: Acquaintances // Getting to know you
: Neutral relationship // She'll say 'hi' to you
: Good friends // She'll be willing to talk to you when she sees you
: She really REALLY cares about you // You are one of her best friends =D
: Even though she can't really fight, she'll do whatever she can to protect you! // BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!
: She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Peach likes to spread love and understanding! )
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[Character Name] Princess Peach
[Canon] Super Mario Bros. (Paper Mario centered)
[Point Taken from Canon] Right after eating the Golden Apple at the Overthere and falling asleep.

[Age] Never made obvious in canon, but I'm going with something around 25
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Het (and on a happy relationship <3)

[Eye Color] Blue
[Hair Color] Blonde
[Height] God only knows!
[Weight] Same as above...
[Clothing] Even though I'm going with the Paper Mario universe, I believe the Super Smash Bros Brawl dress is the most gorgeous of them all <3

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